In response to latest PSU PR stunt

We’ve been getting a lot of media requests to address the latest PR stunt by Portland State University in announcing for the THIRD time that they are going to have unarmed patrols by some near future date (Fall, Winter, and now September 1st). The media has made this into headlines that PSU will fully disarm by September 1st (see KGW, OPB, Oregonian, Willamette Week). This is false.

To be clear:

  1. PSU WILL NOT BE FULLY UNARMED. President Percy and Chief Halliburton are only referring to a small number of patrol officers who will PATROL without arms.
  2. CPSO WILL STILL BE FULLY ARMED. CPSO will continue to have access to their full arsenal of weapons.

Finally, we would like to encourage the media to dig deeper into this issue and ask President Percy and Chief Halliburton 1) why the University Public Safety Oversight Committee (UPSOC) committee members have signed non-disclosure agreements [who are these NDAs with PSU, PPB], 2) who actually has the authority to disarm CPSO, 3) what are the financial implications of continued arming of CPSO [how much money has PSU spent on defending the arming of CPSO through outside consultants, committees, legal settlements, etc]; and 4) when will they honor their commitment to the Washington family in establishing a scholarship and art installment in memory of Jason Washington?

#JusticeForJasonWashington #DisarmPSU

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