About Us

We are concerned students, faculty, staff, community partners, and alumni of Portland State University. Our requests are simple, we are calling for the immediate action to disarm campus security on our campus, reinvest in existing structures and create new investments to address historic racism and anti-Black violence at PSU, and reimagine what public safety looks like at PSU through a democratic process of student voting.

On June 29, 2018, Jason Washington a loved father, grandfather, husband, friend, a veteran and public servant was murdered on the campus of Portland State University.

Jason Washington’s blood is in part, on the hands of PSU administrators (past and present) and the Board of Trustees members who voted in favor of arming officers simultaneously choosing to ignore the Faculty Senate vote, and the will of the majority of faculty, staff, and students who begged the University not to arm officers. These people also disregarded the abundance of evidence surrounding police brutality, and the current crisis surrounding law enforcement killings of Black people in the United States.