#ScholarStrike & #ScholarStrikeCanada Sep 8-9

Over the next several months, we will be rolling out an educational campaign related to our Demands to help inform students, faculty, staff, and the broader Portland State University community and beyond. Topics will include (but are not limited to): abolition, racist origins of policing, gender based violence on campus, policing of queer and trans communities, police response to mental health crises, mass shootings, and more. We will be creating some of our own content and also sharing content from existing resources. We are hoping to create short videos with the possibility of hosting interactive sessions as well. We will post content and updates to our website and social media channels.

For this week, we want to boost the content provided by #ScholarStrike and #ScholarStrikeCanada. The strike was conceived via tweet by Anthea Butler and is designed to call awareness to the racial climate in America, and the rash of police shootings and racialized violence. The strike is taking place on September 8-9. For more information you can visit: www.scholarstrike.com. #ScholarStrikeCanada is hosting a digital teach-in

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