Arresting Power showing on Wednesday



WEDNESDAY JUNE 24 at 10PM: Walk-In / Bike In screening of “Arresting Power-Resisting Police Violence in Portland, Oregon” in collaboration with @mobileprojectionunit Please bring a portable FM radio for drive-in style audio.  East bank Esplanade, under the Burnside Bridge

Arriving at the destination:
Option 1: Start on the east side of the Burnside bridge. Walk west on the Burnside Bridge until you reach the stairwell to the Esplanade. Walk down the stairs, and turn right and meet us under the bridge.
Option 2: Start at the east side, under the Morrison Bridge, near the intersection of SE Yamhill and SE Water. Walk up the ramp, and follow the sidewalk down towards the Esplanade. Walk North until you reach the bridge.

#arrestingpower #abolishthepolice

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