Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Thank you to the hundreds of folks who turned out to #DisarmPSU #JusticeForJasonWashington today!

We HONOR and THANK the family of Jason Washington for sharing your stories. And your unwavering commitment to #DisarmPSU.

Special shout out to PDX Black Excellence, PAALF, and community organizers around Portland (there are way too many to name). This is truly a collective and collaborative effort across Portland!

Our work is not done. Next Thursday, June 18th from 9am-10:45am, the Portland State Board of Trustees is meeting. We need people to sign up for the Open Comment period or email your comments to Demand the Board DisarmPSU NOW! The sign up is open until 3pm on June 17th. The meeting will be broadcast live:

Please continue to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates.

DisarmPSU 2020 Demands: 1. Disarm CPSO immediately & permanently 2. Create permanent memorial to Jason Washington on campus 3. Remove CPSO from PSU CARE Team 4. Redirect CPSO resources to support policing alternatives 5. Extend furlough to CPSO 6. Discontinue policing of houseless folks 7. Build transparent structures to address students' rights and concerns.

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