Alternative Forum options and sign up

A few of us met this morning to strategize on how to best move forward in the #DisarmPSU campaign.

We have created a sign-up/in sheet for folks to note when they are planning to attend the PSU Campus Safety Listening Forums.  Feel free to add your name to the date and time when you plan to attend.

We are hoping that folks who go will also provide a brief summary in this document of any important happenings at the forum.

In addition to the PSU Campus Safety Listening Forums, we have created an alternative input forum hosted on the 6th floor of the ASRC. The purpose of this forum is to provide an alternative space where we can think about and discuss ways of creating safety on our campus. There is a sign-up sheet for this space as well. You can put your name and time you plan to attend the alternative forum. For example, Lisa from 2-3pm.

Note: You can tab between the two sheets—PSU forums and Alternative Forums.

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