Teach-in starts at 9am

This is a radical welcoming space for students, faculty, staff, and community  members! We will learn, vision, build community and healing, and generate collective energy.


Welcome and Land Acknowledgement

Social Emergency Response Center Model

Putting #DisarmPSU in Context

PSUSU Organizers


“Sixty-four Dead, Seventy-one Wounded: Twenty-five Years of Police Shootings in Portland, OR, 1992-2017”

Dr. Leanne Serbulo, Assistant Professor

University Studies

“How Racial Stereotypes Impact Police Use of Force”

Dr. Kimberly Barsamian Kahn, Associate Professor

Department of Psychology

11am- Breakout Sessions

  • Black Person’s Caucus
    • Aisha Awo,

Community and PR Student Assistant, Pan-African Commons

  • Countering White Supremacy Caucus
    • Kristin Teigen, Instructor, University Studies
  • People of Color Caucus
    • Dr. gita mehrotra, School of Social Work



“Policing as Environmental Racism”

Shanice Clark

Program Coordinator, Pan-African Commons

Red Hamilton

Cultural and Development Student Assistant, Pan-African Commons

1pm- Bus Riders Unite/Disarm and Demilitarize Trimet

Orlando Lopez

Organizer, OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon

“Sexual/Gender Violence and Policing in the Context of Feminist Anti-Violence Movements” (30 minutes)

Dr. Miriam Abelson

Assistant Professor, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Dr. Ericka Kimball

Assistant Professor, School of Social Work

Shannon Kearns

Women’s Studies Major, Chicano/Latino Studies Certificate


Movement Music: Singing the Message

Matthew David Morris, Beloved Community on Campus

  • A talk on the history of music in justice movements, followed by praxis of the writing of a song together with all those present.

Student Protest Movement Case Studies

Dr. Michael Mooradian Lupro

Associate Professor, University Studies

Dr. Winston Grady-Willis

Director, School of Gender, Race and Nations

Documentary Clip: Arresting Power: Resisting Police Violence in Portland

Julie Perini (Director), Associate Professor

Art Practices, Video, and Time-Based Media

Ella’s Song

Lisa Grady-Willis

Director of Diversity Education and Learning

~~~Throughout the day~~~

Tabling/resources from PSUSU and community partners

Participate in sharing your visions about safety, memorial, and community

Plotting to map power, strategy, and action

Community-building and healing with art and sharing food

Caucusing in small identity groups

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