Oct 23rd Teach-in To Do List

From Dr. Lisa Bates, Associate Professor in Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning

In our planning meeting yesterday, I heard that students felt the faculty and staff presence at the Trustees meeting was powerful– for many of them it was the first time hearing from US, and hearing that we are with them. Faculty/staff advocacy has been happening in spaces that students don’t access– they haven’t seen us and we haven’t been present in their spaces. They were really encouraged by hearing our voices, our pain, and our commitment.

We need to show up and build our beloved community!

You can show up at any time to this event for as long as you want. Speakers are going to share critical information about historical and contemporary issues and movements. There will be room to discuss questions about policing, race, gender, and the university. There will be stations for sharing ideas, writing up on sticky notes and easel pads, where we’ll think about what safety would really feel like and how to get to it; about how we need to remember and memorialize Jason Washington so that we keep the lessons close in mind. Some folks are going to start power mapping and strategizing the campaign. There will be areas for chilling out and taking a breather, maybe help screen print a t-shirt or do some knitting and coloring.

* Share this invitation with your colleague, students, and community partners who want to be part of the organizing, community building, and/or help out with the event (several forms of invitation below). Bring somebody!
* Be part of the ‘radical welcoming’ crew at the doors (for any amount of time, any time!). Say hello to people as they join, point them in the direction of what’s going on, invite them in! This is super important for folks who are from the community or who just plain are feeling less than welcome on campus these days.
* Help generate ideas and participate or in facilitate conversation around an easel pad – share your knowledge about decision-making at PSU – encourage more learning and mobilizing.
* Bring food potluck style or contribute to the food funds- if we each chipped in a twenty, we could easily accomplish decent eats for the day! I think homemade goodies are also awesome and I’m sure there are folks on here who are ready to potluck at the drop of a hat.
* Bring materials like art supplies, knitting or crafting materials, blank journals for people to take a breather and make things.
* Be available to sit quietly with or listen to folks having a hard time.

Solidarity Teach-In and Social Emergency Response Center is
TUESDAY 10/23 from 9 am- 4 pm
In the Native American Student and Community Center.

A slightly updated version of the agenda with some information about ongoing activities in the space, linked here

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