Faculty to share perspective on HB 3338

Portland State University faculty members Miranda Cunningham and Lisa Hawash have been asked to share their perspectives on the impacts of arming CPSO on PSU students in a hearing on House Bill 3338. We wanted to share this statement with other members of the campus community, should you want to support these statements as well.

Unfortunately the turnaround for submitting testimony is quite short: This letter at noon on Wednesday, March 20.

If you’re interested, the link to a Google doc is here, and you can add your name: Testimony in support of HB 3338
For those who aren’t familiar, here’s an article about HB 3338: Rep. Hernandez files bill to disarm cops on PSU and UO campuses

Continue to show your support


As we prepare for the PSU Faculty Senate special session on October 15th and the 9 public forums being hosted by the outside consultant group Margolis Healy on October 30-31 and November 1, there are a couple of ways to continue to show your support for #DisarmPSU.

You can show your support by wearing a walking memorial pin for Jason Washington.The pin is a representation of a black rose with a drop of blood in the center. The walking memorial pins were created and donated by the mother of a faculty member. If you are interested in a walking memorial pin, connect with us via Facebook.

Another way is downloading a #DisarmPSU sign, and posting it in your work space, bringing it to public meetings, and/or taking a picture of you holding a sign and posting to social media using the #DisarmPSU hashtag.

We will not be silent. #DisarmPSU